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Is camping alone fun? Some things you should know

is camping alone fun

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Not everyone enjoys camping and you may be one of those people that enjoys setting off and living in a tent but the rest of your family or friends might not share your enthusiasm.

So you are faced with the choice of camping alone or not camping at all. But, is camping alone fun?

Camping on your own can be a great way to rest, relax and simply recharge your internal batteries. Being on your own and taking time just looking after yourself while being close to nature can be a real tonic for many folk. You will need to be prepared before you make a solo camping trip as you will be relying on yourself for everything and making sure that you have what you need beforehand is a good plan.

Are there any benefits of camping alone?

When you are camping alone you won’t have any company such as family or friends to share the load with or to have fun with, and, for some this can be daunting.

However, there are some benefits to camping alone which, when you consider may encourage you to give it a try:

You do things at your pace

When you are with a group of people there are always the ones that race on or lag behind. You can also get individuals that don’t pull their weight and don’t muck in when needed. Then there is always the risk of people falling out and personality clashes.

When you are on your own you don’t need to worry or be concerned about any of that. You don’t need to arrange times to meet, what to eat, where to go.

You literally do what you need to do or would like to do, which may sound selfish but that ‘me time’ is something that many people lack and need in real life.

You become better at camping

When you camp with others it becomes very much a team effort, which is great and fun. 

However when you camp alone you become responsible for everything:

Selection of the campsite

Erecting the tent

Sorting out the bedding

Making the fire

Doing the cooking and cleaning

Making sure you have water

Taking the camp down and tidying up

Rather than see this as overwhelming, look open it as an opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your camping skills.

It might not be easy but you will be pleased that you did at the end of the trip.

You are closer to nature

Being on your own will mean silence and a chance to connect more fully with the landscape and wildlife around you.

Simply listening during the day and night at the various sounds, smelling the earthy smells and just taking time out provides a great way of feeling at one with nature.

The lack of distractions, noise and other people gives you a great way to simply unwind and be yourself.

Your self confidence will rise

As you are on your own you will need to deal with any problems or other issues that occur.

Camping is generally trouble free if you are prepared and simply being on your own, free from others, responsible for everything can be liberating and a real confidence boost for many people.

is camping alone fun

Must know tips for camping alone

There are a few things to consider before you set off for a solo camping trip.

The most important aspects are that you stay safe and enjoy yourself:

Go camping with someone else first

It might sound obvious but, if you’ve never camped before, you should really take some time to go camping with someone who is familiar with the activity.

By doing this you will benefit from their knowledge and experience and you will develop and understanding of the things that you need ( and those that you don’t ).

It is simply common sense which will help to keep you organised and safe.

Do a bit of research before you go

Developing a basic understanding of the things that you might need to know something about, before you set off, will be useful, things such as:

How to find a suitable place to camp

How to put your tent up ( do it first at home to make sure nothing is missing)

Lighting a fire

Locating and purifying water

Deal with adverse weather

What to do if you encounter dangerous wildlife

First aid and how to deal with injuries and accidents

An understanding of the above will help you to enjoy your solo camping trips.

Give yourself time to settle in and relax

Don’t give up too soon. Camping alone can be a challenge for many people and the temptation to throw the towel in can be a strong feeling, particularly when you are on your own.

Don’t. Just try to stay calm, relax and focus upon your surroundings. 

After a couple of nights you’ll be getting into a routine, you will have your camp sorted out and you will begin to enjoy the experience.

Only take what you need

Don’t be tempted to take too much equipment with you on your trip. Make sure that you have your basics and don’t struggle with heavy loads.

Remember that you have to carry everything both to and from the campsite. Taking too much gear will affect your enjoyment of solo camping as you will come to resent lugging it all around.

Try to keep it simple.

Tell someone where you are going

It makes sense to tell someone where you are going and when you are coming home.

Solo camping does mean being alone but this does not mean that you should be irresponsible and your welfare is paramount.

Accidents can happen and if you have not returned when you should have, then the alarm can be raised.

Take a mobile phone. You don’t need to have it switched on, but it’s there if you need help.

Be prepared

Be prepared to enjoy yourself and to relax and also be prepared for things to go wrong.

If everything goes south when you are solo camping having an escape plan, knowing where the nearest town or village is, and how to get there will make all the difference.

Final Words

Camping alone can be great fun and is an ideal way to unwind, relax and connect with nature.

With a little planning and knowledge and a few pieces of camping equipment, there is no reason to not try solo camping.

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