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What is adventure motorcycling?

What is adventure motorcycling?

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Have you ever wanted to just get on your bike and take off, not really knowing where you’re going or what’s waiting for you around the next bend?

If so, then adventure motorcycling may be just what you are looking for. But what is it exactly? And how do you get into it?

Adventure motorcycling can be loosely defined as riding your motorcycle on unpaved roads, whether that means gravel backroads, dirt trails, or even dual-track systems. It’s all about embracing the unknown and seeing new places while on two wheels. This type of riding can take you anywhere from the remote corners of the United States to whole new continents across the world. 

So, if you’re ready for a little adventure in your life, here are few things you should know about getting started in adventure motorcycling.

The adventure is up to you

You don’t have to be Sir Ranulph Fiennes to go on your own adventure ( and you would be doing well to emulate even a fraction of this famous explorer’s achievements).

Your adventure begins with yourself and your comfort zone.

For some the prospect of travel to far and distant, unknown lands holds a special kind of challenge whereas for others travel of a few hundred miles with some camping at the end may be adventure enough.

What is adventure motorcycling?

The reality is that your adventure with your bike is limited only by your imagination, motivation, budget and of course available time.

Organised trips or on your own

The choice is yours.

Many companies exist that provide pre-arranged, organised trips for motorcyclists to experience the freedom and adventures of the open road.

With options for riders of all abilities you can choose to stay reasonably local to home or embark on longer term overseas travel with the hazards and challenges that come with those journeys.

The options to camp or stay in hotels mean that the adventure can be totally flexible and as wild or as comfortable as you like.

Of course you can make all of the arrangements yourself and, for many, this is part of the real adventure and challenge.

Is adventure motorcycling popular?

The growth in popularity of adventure motorcycling is undeniable.

The rise of social media has meant that people are more aware than ever of the possibilities for exploration on a motorcycle and there are more opportunities to share your experiences with like-minded individuals.

The rise of interest in adventure biking has seen an increase in the services that are available to people that want to explore the pastime.

From services that can transport bikes overseas, to bike hire and specialised equipment the opportunities are out there if you want to find them.

This is good news for those that want to get into adventure motorcycling as it means there is more support available than ever before.

What is adventure motorcycling?

Can anyone do it?

In short, yes. One of the great things about adventure motorcycling is that it is open to people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.

Your adventure can be across the state, county or even overseas.

You can travel on blacktop or pound your way through bush and thick mud – it’s your choice – the adventure is yours to choose.

There are no barriers to entry, all you need is a suitable motorcycle and the ability to ride along with the willingness to explore.

Things to consider

Of course, as with anything, there are always things to consider before setting off on your adventure.

Your safety is of paramount importance so it’s important to make sure you are prepared both mentally and physically for what lies ahead.

It’s also important to have the right equipment for the job.

This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on the latest and greatest off-road motorcycle, but it does mean making sure you have a bike that is capable of taking on the type of terrain you will be riding.

It’s also worth considering taking a training course to help you develop the skills you need to ride safely and effectively off-road.

So, what are you waiting for?

The world is your oyster when it comes to adventure motorcycling.

All you need is a motorcycle some preparation to support your travels, and the willingness to explore.

Final words

Adventure motorcycling is a great way to see the world and challenge yourself.

It’s open to people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels and there are no barriers to entry.

All you need is a suitable motorcycle, the ability to ride, and the willingness to explore.

With some preparation you can be on the open road experiencing your own motorcycling adventure.

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