Getting the most from the great outdoors

Is camping good for you?

is camping good for you

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Many people go on camping trips to escape the hustle and bustle of day to day life. 

Heading off into the great outdoors for a few days in the tent can be a great way to switch off from the white noise of life and focus on some simple, in the moment living.

Most people get some positive benefits from camping. Spending time away from regular life, living in the moment and getting fresh air are simple, day to day benefits that most of us don’t get enough of. Simply removing the regular day to day demands and adopting a more natural routine can help you to unwind and recover.

Time in the fresh air

As you’re outside you’ll be getting lots of fresh air and, the chances are that you’ll be in a more remote area than normal which will mean cleaner and clearer air with it’s added benefits.

Research suggests that spending time outdoors can help to improve mood, lower blood pressure, simply being in a cleaner and fresher environment without pollution can bring about great benefits to you.

Time with family and friends

For some people camping provides them with an opportunity to spend some quality time with their family and friends, the quiet environment gives them the chance to unwind and focus on each other.

Of course there are also those that simply wish to get away from it all themselves and camping alone allows them to relax and focus on the landscape and wildlife around them with no distractions.

More in tune with nature

One real aspect of camping that from my own experience is that of being more aligned with nature and natural patterns.

When you are in a tent and it goes dark then you generally get in bed and get to sleep and, in the morning, when the sun rises, you get up.

For many campers, myself included, this is one of the great benefits of camping in a tent, the adoption of a more natural sleep pattern can help you to fully relax and feel refreshed and more focussed.

is camping good for you

Away from work

Many people are unable to switch off from work and other day to day pressures, which can result in stress and other illnesses.

With the digital world, mobile phones, email and the problem of always being connected and contactable holidays and breaks to relax have become more and more difficult for people to achieve.

Camping gives you the perfect excuse and provides an ideal opportunity to detox from technology, but it will take effort on your part.

Leave computers and other devices at home. Tell your boss that you are going camping and will not be contactable. 

Research has shown that email is a major contributor to stress. Avoid email and leave your work phone at home when you are on vacation. When you return to work delete all of the email messages that you received during your break. 

More exercise

As well as being outside you’ll be getting more exercise and more opportunities to indulge in physical activity.

The more remote you are the more calories you will burn. Camping is a physical activity and you should endeavour to leave the car parked up and take as many walks as you are able.

If you are by the sea or in the countryside then walking or cycling can be great options to explore and improve your fitness.

is camping good for you

More sunshine

Simply spending more time outdoors and getting more exposure to the sun’s rays can help you to feel good and brighten your mood.

With camping being an outdoor activity you cannot escape the daylight and the increased levels of vitamin D that you will absorb as a result of being outside will help you to unwind and relax along with providing other benefits.

Is camping good for your mental health?

I can only speak from my own experiences of camping and my personal view is that it is.

Simply being away from everything that presents itself on a day to day basis at home and work is a great tonic that has always worked for me.

It is important to be strict with yourself and to disconnect from the world, meaning leave your work mobile phone at home, don’t check emails and do what you are supposed to be doing – taking a break.

If you want to connect then connect with nature, you will feel the benefits of camping.

Final Words

Camping can provide a range of benefits to your health.

From physical benefits through exercise and increased activity levels, through to mental health benefits as a result of being disconnected from the world and being closer to nature.

With research suggesting that camping can help you to relax and recover and thousands of existing campers advocating the health benefits that they have enjoyed, it is fair to say that camping is good for you.

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