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What is the best family glamping tent?

best family glamping tent

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If you are looking for a more luxurious version of camping then you are in luck.

Glamping tents are the basis for warmth and comfort and are the 5 star hotels of tent.

There are lots of different options for glamping and tents are available in a variety of sizes with different features and advantages.

How to choose the best family glamping tent

When you are looking for a glamping tent for your family there are several things to consider.

Most family glamping tents accommodate between 4 to 10 people as standard.

Sleeping – Many tents have separate sleeping areas within the tent, almost like pods.

These are great for privacy and can also provide extra warmth. They also mean that you can personalise your area as you see fit.

Extras – You will often find that some tents come with optional or added extras.

Many glamping tents have stove vents which allow you to have a small, woodburning stove in your tent.

A great feature and of course a brilliant source of heat.

Ease of Use – Modern tents are becoming much easier to erect and this is true of glamping tents.

Check product reviews and feedback to see how easy it is to put up.

Material – Generally the thicker the tent material, the warmer and more comfortable it will be.

Groundsheet – A groundsheet that is sealed or sown in is a must for luxurious glamping.

Best Family Glamping Tents

Here we will look at our best family glamping tents.

Each review will contain a list of pros and cons with a key benefit to each product to help you to make an easy and informed decision.

In doing so you’ll easily figure out which glamping tent is best suited to your family.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent 

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The Whiteduck Glamping tent is a large cotton canvas tent yurt with a stove pipe vent.

This is an ideal family glamping tent that serves as a comfortable home from home no matter what your camping style.

With a zip up groundsheet and four screen windows this is an easy tent to setup and can be erected by one person in just 15 minutes.

Key Features:

Fast and easy setup,

Numerous optional extras to upgrade the tent for more luxury,

Tough, waterproof, cotton materials.

Available in various sizes 3m to 6m to suit lots of different family sizes.

An easy to setup glamping tent.

Different sizes available.

Stove vent.

Good quality materials for warmth and weather resistance.

Optional extras are available but have to be purchased as add ons.

As with all family glamping tents this is well made with good quality materials for comfort and warmth.

The stove vent pipe provides the option for use of a wood burning stove for extra comfort.

Different sizes make this an ideal choice for families as you can choose a size to suit and even get a big tent for lots of room.

Outdoor Safari Glamping Tent

This large stylish tent is the perfect size for a family camping holiday or for a couple who need a little more space.

This 5 x 4m tent is perfect shelter from the rain or shade from the sun and with roll up sides too it’s a lovely space for hanging out and chilling out.

This tent is a perfect solution for a luxury canvas home, whether for a long holiday, grabbing a weekend away or pitching for your guests in the garden it offers quality, comfort and style.

Key Features:

100% Cotton Canvas, 285gsm. Treated with rot, mould & water repellent. With strong wooden handled rubber mallet.

Heavy duty 540gsm waterproof PVC groundsheet. Zipped in floor to roll up the sides on a warm day. Bucket style groundsheet to avoid water running in. Strong ABS zips.

Fly screens at all doors, windows and vents. Internal fixings for an inner tent. Hook on central pole to hang lightweight items. Pockets round the sides.

Spring loaded metal poles for extra strength. Extra long door spike for easy awning attachment 2 rain caps included.

Extra strong, grooved steel pegs, extra set pegs for skirt, toggles around tent for storage of guys, prevents tangling & dirt on tent, durable metal sliders, much stronger than plastic and easier to slide. Fluorescent guy ropes, easy to see in the dark.

Great amount of internal space.

Heavy duty zipped in groundsheet.

Quality, cotton material.

Useful for glamping, parties, barbecues and other outdoor activities.

Luxurious glamping tent.

At 46Kgs it is a heavy tent for moving around.

We really like this glamping tent. The quality of the cotton material is excellent and the heavy duty, zipped in groundsheet keeps any damp at bay.

The tent is enormous when setup and there is plenty of room for spacious and comfortable living.

The flysheets provide ample ventilation while keeping insects away.

Dream House Large 4 Season Glamping Tent

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This is a quality boutique canvas bell tent that is suitable for 10 to 12 people

The heavy duty zipped in ground sheet is 540 gsm waterproof PVC and re-enforced at pegging points.

With this tent you can unzip and roll up the side for extra access and to enjoy the sun and view on those warm summer days.

Made from 100% breathable cotton canvas to create a great atmosphere inside the tent.

Key Features:

Extra large 7.5m bell tent.

Heavy duty groundsheet.

Mosquito door.

100% natural cotton canvas.

4 windows and air vents.

Treated for weather protection.

Great design with lots of internal space.

Quality cotton tent fabric.

12 months warranty.

One of the largest glamping tents available.

Some people have struggled with setup of the tent.

If you have a large family or you simply want a lot of room, then this bell tent will be a great choice as it is suitable for 10 to 12 people.

We love the style of this tent which really is rustic and practical, the canvas looks great and keeps the tent warm and homely, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

The weight of the tent is 50Kg, so it’s not one for carrying around but once it is setup it really is worth it.

MC Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

This is a different option for the family glamper. As a wall tent the design of this glamping product is something that many campers may recognise.

Suitable for 8 to 10 people, this large tent is made from heavy duty canvas and comes complete with 2 stove holes, windows and storm flaps for ventilation.

The canvas is double stitched for heavy duty and reliable use.

Key Features:

300gsm rainproof cotton canvas construction, double stitched for extra strength.

Suitable for all year round use.

Extra large with high walls and ceiling.

Super large capacity

Great for all year round use, fit a stove and it’s a great option.

High walls and ceilings mean lots of options for storage.

Withstands wind, rain, snow, hail and will keep you warm and dry.

2 or 3 people are needed to set the tent up.

You could live in this tent. Once up it is a solid, secure and weatherproof tent that makes it ideal for glamping or all year round accommodation.

With the addition of a stove this large tent will keep you and your family warm and dry in the worst of weather.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent – w/Stove Jack

This 5m family glamping tent is a luxurious option for 4 people.

Made from heavy duty 100% cotton canvas this is a stylish, comfortable glamping option that has a zipped in, heavy duty groundsheet and sides that can be rolled up in warm weather.

It has a stove jack so you can use your wood burning stove making the tent ideal for winter or cold weather camping.

Key Features:

100% Cotton Canvas, 285gsm. Treated with rot, mould & water repellent. With strong wooden handled rubber mallet.

Heavy duty 540gsm waterproof PVC groundsheet. Zipped in floor to roll up the sides on a warm day. Bucket style groundsheet to avoid water running in.Strong ABS zips

Fly screens at all doors, windows and vents. Internal fixings for an inner tent. Hook on central pole to hang lightweight items. Pockets round the side for extra storage.

Looks great.

Ideal for family.

Smaller than other glamping tents so less weight to carry around.

At 5m still lots of room and headroom.

Suitable for year round use,

Ideal for 4 people, may get a bit crowded with more.

For a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children, this makes an ideal glamping choice.

Not only does it look great but the heavy duty cotton construction and thick zipped in floor, mean that you will be kept warm and dry whatever the weather.

This tent can be used all year round, and the stove jack means you can add a great, natural heat source to stay warm.


What factors should I consider when choosing the best family glamping tent?

When selecting a family glamping tent, consider factors such as tent size (adequate space for the whole family), ease of setup, durability, weather resistance, ventilation, and additional features like room dividers or storage pockets.

How many people can typically be accommodated in a family glamping tent?

Family glamping tents vary in size, but they generally accommodate 4 to 8 people. Some larger models can even accommodate 10 or more people. It’s important to check the tent’s specific capacity to ensure it suits your family’s needs.

What materials are recommended for a durable and weather-resistant family glamping tent?

Look for family glamping tents made from high-quality materials like durable polyester or nylon fabric with a waterproof coating. Additionally, tents with robust poles made of aluminum or fiberglass offer better stability and longevity.

Are there any specific features I should look for in a family glamping tent?

Yes, there are several desirable features to consider. Look for tents with multiple doors and windows for better ventilation, adequate headroom to move comfortably inside the tent, and built-in storage pockets or gear lofts to keep your belongings organized.

Can you recommend any popular family glamping tent brands?

There are several renowned brands known for producing quality family glamping tents. Some popular options include Coleman, Big Agnes, Ozark Trail, REI Co-op, and Cabela’s. It’s always beneficial to read reviews and compare features to find the best fit for your family’s glamping adventures.

Final Words

There is no need for family camping to be that old, uncomfortable experience that it used to be.

With the range of luxury family glamping tents that are available to buy, you can own your own tent and take it with you wherever you choose. No need to pay rental fees.

We’ve looked at some of our favourite tents to help you to choose the best family glamping tent for your needs which we hope you’ve found helpful.

There is no need for family camping to be that old, uncomfortable experience that it used to be.

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